Saturday, 20 June 2020

The Clear Light of Day — Part Six

We pick up with Esme again at Wiles Green chapel on Good Friday.


Cate Nunan said...

Iris and I had a lovely day despite the cold and on/off rain. We walked to the local park, as we do most days and she had a lot of fun, burning off her 2 year old energy. Then she slept for 3.45 hours!!! So, I did get some quiet and some peace, and time to do household jobs, and then read. In Plutarch today, I read that the definition of peace in Numa's time was when a dispute was solved with words, and not force. There were even specific priests called heralds who went out to talk and ensure that peace was the result.

I think that my priority is always love and encouragement of others. If that gets unbalanced, it can lead to me not following Jesus' example so well.

Pen Wilcock said...

I would say your priority — of love and encouragement — is the same as my husband's. A very humble and gentle disciple, and full of warmth.
I so vividly remember the giddy blessing of a two-year-old sleeping longer than expected!!
Peace to your day. x