Sunday, 14 June 2020

Campfire Church ministry of the word today

The article referred to is here.


greta said...

bless you, pen, this was just the reminder that i needed this morning. once again giving my own life a good look to see where my talking doesn't quite get lived out in my walking. there's always room for improvement..
and it was pure joy to see your face and hear your voice. i've gotten used to our daily gatherings and miss them, although i'm sure you were ready for a break. now you've given me some focus and direction for the week ahead. thank you!

Pen Wilcock said...




Bean said...

I woke up an hour later than usual and unfortunately missed joining you all this morning :( The nice thing though, a bit later today I can listen to everything.

Thank you so much for putting Campfire Church together each week, I have found it to be a real blessing in my life and look forward to it.



Pen Wilcock said...

Hello, Bean! Waving! I hope you've had a good day. x

LuciePayne said...

Dear Pen, thank you so much for putting this here and for your explanations, which I sorely needed today after such conflicting and tumultuous emotions about the violence and hatred happening here in London. I have responded by being an ostrich and not wanting to look. Thus I needed to look with your help. Xxx

Pen Wilcock said...

The world would be poorer if the ostriches were all gone. x