Sunday, 28 June 2020

The Clear Light of Day — Part Fourteen

The next part of our story.


Cate Nunan said...

Another thought -provoking chapter.

I have a good news tale to share. I rode my bike 30 minutes into town to attend an appointment. By the time I got there, the seat was slipping down badly. I parked and locked my bike against a wall as I could not find a bike stand. Imagine my shock when I returned and could not find my bike! As I stood there, a smiling woman came out of a shop and said "Are you looking for a bike?" She thought it looked unsafe and was able to pick it up and move it, so any person could. Her shop assistant helped her put it in the little shed next to her shop which was Bathurst Wholefood Coop. I told her about the seat issue and she referred me to the local bike shop 2 streets away. First though, I asked if she could tell me about the shop, I had a good look around and I purchased some locally sourced coffee beans and fruit. The man who owned the bike shop fixed my seat for free but I made a time to bring in our pram for tyre repairs and fortification. Iris and I have been going off road which has led to lots of flats. We had such a lovely chat. Pen, this all happened today, and here I am now listening to this chapter, and yes, it took more time but the people I met were so kind and helpful. They had passion for their work and were eager to share their knowledge with a stranger. There are still beautiful, good and true places and people in this mixed up world.

Pen Wilcock said...


Oh my goodness! You are *living* The Clear Light of Day! God bless those kind people. x