Monday, 22 June 2020

The Clear Light of Day —Part Eight

Part eight of our story.

I'm not totally happy with the sound quality I'm getting, recording on my laptop. I changed over to that because I encountered some difficulties recording on my phone (which has better sound quality).

If it helps you to have the text, there's still an e-book version of this story for sale, or a few second-hand paper copies. 


Cate Nunan said...

Good morning Pen and all here listening. Today in Australia it is bitterly cold, we had snow around the town I live in but not at our house. It is true that our continent is very hot but where I grew up in the Snowy Mountains, we often needed a bonfire on Christmas Day. I still love the seasons though because they bring their own gifts and delights. Iris and I saw a pair of rosellas from her bedroom window, bright red against the frosty grass. She loves birds as do I. I hope that your week is progressing well, less drama than recently. Keep well. x

Pen Wilcock said...

Rosellas! I had never heard of them, and had to look them up. What wonderful birds.

Growing up in the Snowy Mountains — that sounds like something out of a story; very special.

Keep warm, Iris! Don't go outside without your hat and gloves!