Monday, 5 July 2010

And finally (in case you thought you would never get rid of me today)

... what I want to know is this:

Why is it that you can be bursting for a pee - I mean really desperate for the loo - and when you get there, sometimes you pee a magnificent humungous on-and-on-and-on kind of pee, and sometimes not very much really - but still the same amount of desperate?

What is it?

Have they put different sizes of jugs inside there or something?

What? Why? I don't know...


Buzzfloyd said...

It's because it's not just how much is in there but also how long it's been in there that makes you want to go. I can't remember what tells your body, but if your bladder has been containing the same wee for too long, it wants to get rid of it.

Pen Wilcock said...


Anonymous said...

I actually find the amount is always proportional to how busting I am. Maybe because I drink a lot of water, so the longer I wait, the more I've drunk.