Saturday, 17 July 2010

When I wake up in the morning...

... this is the face I see.

I love this face.

I love this man.

I wish you could know him too.

He is a person of great humility and generosity. He is cheerful and kind, and willing to serve others. When things go wrong, he is always the first to say sorry and make amends, and to look for where the responsibility has been his rather than blaming it on others.

He loves the Earth, loves its beauty and wonder and variety. He likes nothing better than to go out into our garden and see how the vegetables he planted are coming along.

He is friendly and shy both at the same time; interested in people and loving to hear about their lives and what makes them tick; but sometimes overwhelmed and needing privacy and solitude. No day is complete without spending an hour or two with his nose in a book to restore his soul.

He makes me happy. I trust him completely. When he is beside me I can feel my soul drawing strength from his.

When he blows his nose it sounds like an elephant trumpeting. It is really impressive. He can do woodwork with proper joints so the things don't fall apart.

He is very frugal and careful with money, but he is the first to help others along and share everything he has with them; the frugality stops with himself - with everyone else he is so generous.

He is funny and gentle and loving and hardworking. He's sensitive and practical and responsible.

He is the kind of man other people turn to when they are in trouble. He is full of enthusiasm and encouragement, quick to celebrate the achievements of other people and enjoy their success.

My life is blessed by his companionship. Everything is easier and happier because we are together.

I bless the day he married me. I am so proud of him, so happy with him; I love him so very much.


Julie B. said...

What a beautiful tribute. You make those of us who haven't met him feel like we have. And richer for your sharing. God bless you both....

Tim Hodgens said...


I celebrate with you. He is your present inheritance. Tony is both living and leaving his legacy.

Grace be to you both.


Pen Wilcock said...


Buzzfloyd said...

I think it's quite amazing that all those things are really true and not just something said to sound good.

Pen Wilcock said...


BLD in MT said...

This post makes me so happy and warm-feeling. Love like that is such a sacred treasure...and I can tell you do treasure it and him. If only there were more like him! We need all the generous, humble, frugal people we can get in this day.

When Matt blows his nose, which causes quite a honk, I always say there is a flock of geese invading the room. An elephant might be apt, too. : )

Pen Wilcock said...

Or Queen Mary entering the harbour . . . x