Thursday, 15 July 2010

"Baraka" - the most wonderful film

It's late now, gone midnight. Earlier during the evening those of our household who were home went along to my daughter and son-in-law's place to celebrate his birthday.

We had such a lovely evening, with delicious food from the superlative Gurkha Palace.

And my son-in-law had been wanting to show us the film Baraka. The word 'baraka' means 'blessing' or 'breath/essence of life'. It's a Sufi word.

The film is breath-taking - so beautiful, profound, spell-binding, sometimes very sad, sometimes uplifting, enchanting. It's like God wandering round the Earth to see what's happening and what human beings have made of it.

An amazing film.

There are lots and lots of clips of it on YouTube, but though they can give you a taster they don't really do it justice on my little netbook and are not as good quality as the proper film. I wish I'd seen it on a big screen at the cinema.


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