Tuesday, 11 May 2021

730 things — Day 61 of 365

Here is someone who has taken minimalism to what feels like unimaginable levels!

realise he is just travelling rather than actually living full-time like this, but even so! 

I was entertained and amazed by the way his clothes sat on him just like normal clothes and yet he kept producing more and more items from his pockets like Mary Poppins getting articles of furniture out of her carpet bag.

The world is full of astonishing things.

He has a page itemising his possessions here.

Today, I am sending on their way the following items: a cream fleece top and a beige gilet.

I got them both from private sellers on eBay and the gilet was a bit meh (well worn), but the top was lovely — very soft and velvety — and both were microfibre fleece, so were easy to wash, quick to dry, resistant to stains and virtually indestructible. What's not to like?

Well, I think I must have been channelling my mother when I got these, because they are the kind of colours she always went for — soft, light, warm tones that suit a person who is a Spring on the colour categorisations.

At first when I had these garments I was pleased with them, because they did actually look nice on me. But they also brought with them the realisation that light colours have the same effect on me as bright colours. It's not that I dislike them but their vibration is louder and stronger than mine, and after a very short while they make me feel extremely tired. 

I really hope I have now abidingly learned the lesson that I need to stick to dark, quiet colours. Not necessarily all black or all grey, just not light, bright, loud, patterned or in any other way at all eye-catching.


Unknown said...

You looked so lovely in the sea green cashmere sweater.

su-zee said...

Just to say that I am really enjoying reading these posts. What an adventure!

Pen Wilcock said...

Thank you! Yes, it was a pretty sweater — and I'm so glad you're enjoying the journey! x

Sandra Ann said...

Did you keep that duck egg blue top as it looked beautiful on you / it really brought out the blue in your eyes xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Thank you! I liked the colour too. I didn't keep it because it was shorter and tighter than I like my clothes to be. Nice sweater, though. x