Sunday, 4 April 2021

730 things — Day 24 of 365

 Today is Easter Sunday.  

Later on (it's early morning just now) we'll be in online church, and after that I plan to walk fifteen minutes along the road to my daughter's house with some chocolate rabbits for that family.

I'm also taking with me two books for the children — and those are my 2 items of 730 for today.

I cannot emphasise too much, you should never pass on any items to your family, friends, neighbours, church (or anyone else) without first checking — in such a way that they can be honest with you — that they do actually want these things. Otherwise you would just be tipping into their back yard a problem you don't want in your own.

Also when you give anything to anyone, it should be on the clear understanding that they don't have to keep it and you will not be offended or upset if after a short while they choose to give it away (or sell it).

I have checked with their mother that my grandchildren would like these books and don't already have them. They have an extensive network of friends, many of them home-educating, and I think it more than likely that after they have enjoyed the stories they will decide to pass the books on. If they don't, think how full their house will be by the time they reach adulthood.

A happy and blessed Easter to you and yours.


Suzan said...

He is risen. Happy Easter Ember and everyone.

I made a blunder with a book today. My son wanted an Easter gift for my granddaughter. his niece. We had discussed that we didn't want o give her so much chocolate. I duly bought a book from the series Bluey. Wills gave Mia a book that she already has. It is okay though because I have another two books waiting for her here.

So lesson learned.

Pen Wilcock said...

He is risen indeed! Hallelujah! xx

Sandra Ann said...

Hello Pen, I am so happy to read your words written here and I have enjoyed a very peaceful time catching up with you on your mammoth project! I have also learned why my favourite gigantic puffin mug does not keep my drink hot for an extended period of time :-) I am also sensing a need to clear out again, I got rid of loads before we moved but it's insidious how we allow stuff to creep back in.

I'm struggling with a decision I made to train as a birth and postnatal doula believing this would be a best fit for me as a person and as a means of earning a sustainable income for my family. I attended the training sessions in the December via zoom and it was lovely to be part of a community. I still have some work to finish including a final piece but have realised that I cannot abide marketing myself and networking and all the social media likes and shares! There is too much noise and information overload. I'm also struggling with another ME and Fibromyalgia flare exacerbated by my first dose of the jab - despite the reaction I am glad to have received the vaccine. My dodgy health affects my ability to think or act outside my own box and so I am weighed down with the cost of the course and my seeming inability to move forward, ah well! Thank you for words reminding me that God forgives me for my mistakes, the biggest problem is I need to forgive myself!! Thank you for reading my ramblings :-) Much love and Easter blessings to you, San xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi San. As always, so much of what you say strikes a chord with me. I recommend to you the output on Youheum's Heal Your Living channel on Youtube, because her choices and deliberations come from the perspective of a Highly Sensitive Person — which is why you get overwhelmed, feeling the enthusiasm to take on a lot but them being unable to carry it.
We'll be thinking on this coming Sunday morning at the Campfire Church about the importance of making (and leaving) space in our lives, so — as time permits — you might like to check that out.
Blessings for a joyous Eastertide. x