Saturday, 17 April 2021

My thoughts today are with my Queen, and all the royal family, getting ready for Prince Philip's funeral this afternoon.

May they be comforted, may they be upheld. 

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Memory eternal. +


Rapunzel said...

Watched Prince Phillip's funeral today, so grateful for modern technology to allow that. Found myself crying buckets for our dear little Queen looking so small and defenseless without her companion at her side. I know we Americans are England's ugly little stepchild, but we do hold you on our hearts just the same. 💗

Pen Wilcock said...

This has been such a tremendous year — just so *many* deaths and endings. But though it's been sombre and scary, and certainly brought its challenges, it has also been rich with unexpected blessings. To me, that funeral held so much more meaning for having the crowds pruned out, and hearing single voices soar, and being moved by its simplicity — just attended by the people who really loved him, whom he honestly held dear. I thought it was a wonderful funeral — his choice of readings, the Landrover hearse he'd designed and had made for the occasion, his pony and trap standing by with hs gloves and cap on the seat; really special, not because of pomp and ceremony but because it felt so personal. And I loved the way the Dean of Windsor officiated; gentle and serious and unpretentious. It was perfect.

Rapunzel said...

It was perfect. The pony and trap standing waiting so patiently as if they were hoping for one last ride really touched me, and Jerusalem and For Those In Peril On The Sea...feels a bit like the end of an era. It was good to see the family together in spite of this blustery year. May hearts mend as time goes onward.

Pen Wilcock said...



Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Amen, Amen, Amen.

The funeral was so beautifully done, so poignant... and it was so heartbreaking to see The Queen looking suddenly so tiny and frail.