Monday, 29 March 2021

730 things — Day 18 of 365

Something I didn't realise at first about the need I feel for simplicity is the strong connection it has to being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I had thought that everyone would experience chatter they couldn't turn off from their belongings, and would be drained and overwhelmed by wearing strong patterns or bright colours. I didn't realise that it's part of being HSP and doesn't apply to other people! 

Lovely Youheum explains something about it in one of her videos, here (I find her videos really helpful; she's helping me understand the underlying principles to get things right for me).

An outcome of this is that sometimes I've bought clothes I thought would work, then found myself never wearing them.

Today's items I'm sending on their way come into this category.

I have to wear very light, soft and stretchy clothes because of hyper-mobility, and I thought the two garments I'm moving on today would be perfect for me because they fulfil those criteria.

Two pairs of trousers.

Unfortunately, what I hadn't taken into account is that the patterns are too jazzy, and create constant and tiring distraction and mental interference when I try to wear them. So I've never worn either of them longer than twenty minutes before I had to take them off.

So, even though I like them a lot and they fit and are very comfy, today I am sending them on their way.


Today a Freegler came to pick up a big bag of clothes. 
I had misgivings about four things I'd put out — the two pairs of trousers I wrote about today, and the blue trousers and blue flowery top I already took back and then put out again. 
I felt worried that I would end up with not enough clothes — I don't want to do laundry more frequently because that wastes water, and I don't want to buy any more clothes for a long time.
I could feel myself getting anxious about it, so I took back those four items into my wardrobe.

I swapped out two brooches (one a red felt flower brooch and one feathery brooch) for the blue trousers and top, and a sandwich box and some sewing supplies for the two pairs of trousers I wrote about today.  I combined all these things together to make a crafter's kit to give away on Freegle.

The silver cylinders you can see in the picture are re-purposed exterior containers to keep light out of bottles of essential oils. One of them is now full of dressmaking pins and the other three have buttons in, sorted into different types.

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