Sunday, 21 March 2021

The Difference - (a poem by Grace Garner for Passion Sunday)

Dolly Jesus in the crib,
I don’t know how you sleep
In a new world of song and snores
And sweat and shit and sheep.
Painted Jesus on the wall,
With wide eyes, china-blue,
You look a little bit concussed –
I’m worried about you.
Iron Jesus on the cross,
I cannot understand
Or imagine being hung there
With nails through my hands.
Smiley Jesus in the pulpit,
So friendly and so kind –
Why don’t you ever leave the church?
Are you housebound and blind?
Real Jesus, I see you;
We have hung out before.
But what about all these phoneys,
Imposter Christs galore?
Is it so that, when I look
From wooden eyes that stare
To faces raw with tears and love,
I recognise you there?
Is it so that, when I am
With starkest pain brought low,
I see that Christ draws near to me
So I might touch and know?

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