Saturday, 13 March 2021

730 Things Day 2 of 365

 Today I moved on this box of seeds and seed potatoes. The seed potatoes are already sprouting!

I got them with the intention of growing vegetables from seed, but some things have changed since then. The little patch where we grew veggies last year is in a sunny, sheltered — and, crucially, private —part of our garden, just outside the door from our sitting room.

When it was in use for veggie-growing, it was no good for anything else. In fact it became quite difficult even to walk round it because the veggie plants grew so huge and luxuriant in our good compost. Then the bean arch with all the beans on it blew down in a summer storm, the arch mangled beyond repair so we lost those.

So in the autumn I planted up the patch with lawn mint and lawn camomile and a couple of other ground creeping plants, and this year we'll have it as a place to sit, and maybe bring our Whitstable bucket there for a summer barbecue. In case you don't know, this is a Whitstable bucket:

Jolly useful.

We do like our garden to be productive, so we have grown fruit trees in it — plums and apples, pears and greengages and sloes — and herbs for cooking and tisanes, also soft fruit. 

We will still grow veggies, but it makes life simpler to buy just a couple of courgette (zucchini) plants and four bean plants from the shop round the corner when they have them, in May or June. Honestly that gives us all we need, and we eat very few potatoes anyway these days.

So the box of seeds and seed potatoes is today's thing to go.

It is one category, but it does have several items — 11 in all — 2 bags of seed potatoes, 3 packets of kale seeds, 2 of runner bean seeds, 2 of tomato seeds and 2 of courgette seeds.

So that's going to count for today's 2 items, but also as a swap for the 2 pudding basins, 4 bras, 1 book and 2 pairs of earrings that are on their way to me in the post. Obviously a pudding basin is bigger than a packet of seeds, but size doesn't matter. Sometimes I might buy a small item but swap out out a big item. Some of the things I move on will be big and some will be titchy.

The sharp and discerning eye will have seen that a pair of earrings is, strictly, 2 items. So I have 10 items on their way in.

That means today 12 items have to leave my life — today's 2 of 730 plus 10 in exchange for the 10 coming in; and the box of seeds is only 11 items.

So I am also moving on this very nice cardigan (black with an attached cream scarfy bit that you tie at the front). I've put it in a bag and added it to the pile ready for the charity shop.

Some of what goes I'll be bagging up ready for when the charity shops can re-open, other things can be Freegled. The box of seeds and seed potatoes is being Freegled. In our household, Tony is chief Freegler, partly because he actually answers the phone and partly because the site has started glitching for me. So he's posted the seed box today. 

Yesterday, before I started this, Tony kindly Freegled a chair for me — I wish I'd already thought of the 730 Things idea then! A chair would have been a very pleasing item to add to the ballast going overboard. Well, never mind. Upward and onward.

Day 2. Done.


Suzan said...

Yesterday mum managed to push things out of the freezer drawers. After pulling it all to pieces to clean it I dumped some very old meat and herbs.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hugs. xx