Thursday, 4 March 2021

More pictures of Jesus

 Thinking about statues and images of Jesus brought back to mind a folder of pictures I've had stashed away. 

I drew these about 35 years ago, back in the day when long hair and long skirts pretty much defined my appearance.

Most of these pictures illustrate the verses of a worship song that was popular back then, With my whole heart I will praise you (this one, if you don't know it) by Graham Kendrick, drawing upon a variety of verses from the Song of Solomon. Over the years the pencil I used to write the verses out has got faint, so I'll intersperse the words of the song between the pictures.

"With my whole heart I will praise you,

Holding nothing back . . .

Hallelujah! You have made me glad and now I

Come with open arms to thank you . . .

With my heart embrace.

Hallelujah! . . .

I can see your face is smiling.

With my whole life I will serve you,

Captured by your love. Hallelujah!

Oh, amazing love! Oh, amazing love! . . .

Lord, your heart is overflowing

With a love divine. Hallelujah!

Now this love is mine for ever . . .

Now your joy has set you laughing

As you join the song . . .

Hallelujah! Heaven sings along;

I hear the voices swell to great crescendos

Praising your great love. Hallelujah!

Oh, amazing love! Oh, amazing love! . . .

Come, O Bridegroom, clothed in splendour,

My beloved One. Hallelujah!

How I long to run and meet you;

You're the fairest of ten thousand,

You're my life and breath.


Love as strong as death has won me . . .

All the rivers, all the oceans

Cannot quench this love.


Oh, amazing love! Oh, amazing love!

And then I drew two pictures to illustrate the verses of the hymn My God, how wonderful thou art, by Frederick William Faber:

"No earthly father loves like thee,

No mother, e'er so mild,

Bears and forbears as thou has done,

With me, thy wilful child."

"Yet I may love thee too, O Lord,

Almighty as thou art,

For thou hast stooped to ask of me

The love of my poor heart."

You know, I'm so glad I drew those pictures all those years ago. Back then, my heart was more optimistic, more easily turned to joy and more spontaneous, and my spirit was less tired, had not yet had the resilience beaten out of it. I would not respond in the same way today to those songs, nor would I have such pictures inside me. And yet, the core reality of them remains true, and Jesus is the same today as he was then, and his love and healing still shines as the guiding star of my life (I hope). I am still his property.


Suzan said...

I like your images of Christ caring for his children. Really we must seem so child like to God. I don't think innocent. Most of all I truly love the angel choir.

Pen Wilcock said...

I can remember drawing that picture — enjoying all the colours. x

Anonymous said...

I know very little about these thing Pen, but the youth and vitality of your drawings shine through - there's so much movement and joy. I guess, as with anything, over time the exuberance of anything can diminish and the value of what's left will depend on its integrity. Over the years I've really liked your emphasis on simplicity and how that's where we can find peace and truth. The little things really are the big things and it puts me in mind of T.S.Eliot when he said
'And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time'.T. S. Eliot, Little Gidding.
Battered, exhausted, and so grateful for the simple joys which reveal themselves to us - usually in nature and spirituality.
Thank you for sharing your pictures and for another thought provoking post. Deb x

Pen Wilcock said...

Waving to you, Deb! Blessed be. x