Friday, 12 March 2021

730 things

It's 2021.

In 2012 I had what I called a 365 year — every day throughout that year I disposed of at least one item, so I could be sure by the end of the year I had upwards of 365 fewer possessions. 

That went well.

Over time, my stash of belongings has crept up. I am blessed to live in a very small room, which helps me to notice clutter before I am overwhelmed — there just isn't enough space to accumulate too much stuff. But it's surprising how many bits and pieces have crept in even so.

Therefore I thought I'd have a 730 year (that's 365 x 2), as a gentle way of winnowing my unintended harvest.

Today is March 12th. So every day until March 11th 2022, two things will leave my life. If I buy anything new, I'll also send away another item, to make sure the total shrinks rather than growing by stealth.

I've had an unopened jar of honey in my room for a very long time. Today I took it to its new owner. I have three lamps in my room. Three! So I have chosen one to go to the charity shop, and put it ready for when they re-open. 

A good beginning. 2 down, 728 to go.

It seems a lot, doesn't it? But I have so many odds and ends. Little stashes of Very Useful buttons and bits of cloth. An opened packet of i-phone screen protectors. Two people (I promise you this is true) have given me packets of ash from their fires, and I still have them. When I was showing kiddies how to make altars, I felt so pleased with a few of the accoutrements I made that I kept them. 

Oh, yes. I must easily have 730 casually accumulated belongings. Even now, when I tune in, I can sense them stirring and muttering. 

I think they know.


Viv said...

Hi Pen,
That is a wonderful idea, getting rid of 2 items every day would be a wonderful and painless way to downsize, my accumulation of stuff. I tend to be a paper junky, I take notes and it helps me remember and a lot of it I have never re-read...why bother right? But in the moment they seemed important.
It is a worthwhile project to see 730 things go out the door. And I am just sitting here wondering, if I will see a dent , I hope so.
thank you for sharing.

Pen Wilcock said...

You're going to do it too, Viv? Hooray! x

Suzan said...

Our home is stuffed to the gunnels. In the lounge room there are eight small tables. There is also one piano, a sideboard, several boxes, two piano stools for one piano. Somehow I am expected to keep things tidy and not allowed to through one thing away. It is a daily struggle. I will keep trying.

There are two tables in the dining area. And the list goes on and on.

Pen Wilcock said...

Noooo!!! Your poor thing! Unbearable! x